The 20 Most Interesting Real Estate Agents on Instagram

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the 20 most interesting real estate agents on instagram Instagram is a great place to check out home photos whether you’re a real estate enthusiast or a professional. And real estate agents on Instagram are an excellent source of inspiration for homes, often sharing their latest listings, amazing homes they’ve found, and new real estate developments.

The 10 Best Cities in America to Live Life Outdoors

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honolulu hawaii one of the best cities in the united states to live life outdoors (photo by flickr user: Every city has parks, playgrounds, and outdoor activities, but some cities are just better suited for outdoorsy types. Whether you like to hit the trails, swim, golf, or just take in an afternoon at a nice neighborhood park, there are certain cities that offer exceptional outdoor amenities.

The 15 Best Real Estate Agents in Bakersfield, CA

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the 15 best real estate agents in bakersfield ca (photo by One of the largest cities in California’s Central Valley, Bakersfield is come to more than 800,000 people in its metropolitan area. Known for its country music, agriculture, and oil production, this city is a comfortable home for its residents.

The 15 Best Real Estate Agents in Cleveland, OH

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the 15 best real estate agents in cleveland oh (photo by Flickr user One of Ohio’s largest cities, Cleveland has more than two million people in its metro area. Historically a manufacturing center, Cleveland is now a bustling metropolitan area on Lake Erie with major industries including financial services, biomedicine, and health care.

57 Ways You’re Getting House Cleaning Wrong

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not cleaning toys ways you're getting house cleaning wrong Everyone wants a clean house. And whether you’re a neat freak or a lazy cleaner, chances are good you’re getting some of it wrong. Many people overlook tasks like cleaning washers or garbage disposals, and it’s easy to get things wrong, like adding too much detergent to your wash or putting soap on a cast iron pan.