Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating

The Department of Energy (DOE) measures efficiency in numbers called SEER ratings. For many years, the minimum efficiency standard for newly-manufactured HVAC equipment has been 10 SEER. On January 23, 2006, the new law required manufactures to stop producing anything less than 13 SEER equipment. Upgrading to 13 SEER provides a 30 percent increase over the current 10 SEER rating. Complying with the 13 SEER regulations will result in smaller energy bills through the year. Actual savings will depend on the age, efficiency, and condition of your unit.

Most central air conditioning systems contain two separate units, the outdoor compressor and the indoor air handler. In order to meet manufacturer guidelines, the two units must be compatible in terms of efficiency. If the outside unit rated 10 SEER needs to be replaced once there are no remaining 10 SEER parts, it will be necessary to upgrade to a 13 SEER unit. This may require a modification to the inside unit to ensure proper compatibility between both units. As a value added service, Choice Home Warranty covers 13 SEER upgrades at no additional cost.*

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