How Do I Find the Cheapest Home Warranty?

The cheapest home warranty can offer you a cost-effective option for protecting your home’s major appliances and systems. A home warranty basic plan will generally cover heating and electrical systems, water heaters and other major appliances such as stoves, ovens, or garbage disposals — eliminating the inevitable stress and expense when an appliance or system breaks.

More than a price tag, though, the cheapest home warranty should also optimize coverage, including customizable combo plan options, and provide clear and transparent service contract terms and expert customer service. There are hundreds of home warranty providers to choose from, and each promise the best appliance protection for your money. Doing your research and clarifying the service terms can help you find the cheapest home warranty and the best coverage option.

When searching for the best protection plan for your home, you should know what to look for in a home warranty, if the plan is cost-effective for your needs, what the plan covers and what to expect from your warranty.

When you select Choice Home Warranty, our certified technicians and excellent customer service presents homeowners with peace of mind as they take begin to better their home. With our added protection, you won’t be surprised by unexpected repair costs or hefty service fees.

Read on to learn more about how to find the right warranty for your home. When you’re ready to get your free quote from Choice Home Warranty, fill out the form or call (732) 907-4902.*

* Click Here to view complete limits of liability and any exclusions. CHW offers service contracts which are not warranties. See policy for specifics on response times. CHW reserves the right to offer cash back in lieu of repair or replacement in the amount of CHW’s actual cost (which at times may be less than retail) to repair or replace any covered system, component or appliance. First Month Free available with purchase of any Single Payment home warranty plan.

What Should You Look For in a Home Warranty?

Consider the following factors when shopping around for the best home warranty:
  • Research highly rated companies. Vet any home warranty company and home service provider before purchasing a home warranty plan.
  • Exclusions, caps and fees. Clarify whether the home warranty plan limits maximum coverage or excludes certain major appliances. Also determine how much your plan will charge for each home service call.
  • Service level agreements. Verify whether the company satisfies your customer service needs, such as 24-hour customer response, emergency services or free re-service for faulty repairs.
  • Read the plan carefully. Many plans will not repair or replace covered items that were improperly maintained or were damaged prior to attaining coverage. Home warranty plans will also not pay to upgrade an appliance.
Ask yourself these questions to ask before buying a home protection plan:
  • How much will a home warranty cost? The price of a protection plan can vary greatly among different warranty providers, and you should always read the fine print to determine if there are any other costs, like a service fee or deductible when you need a repair.
  • What’s covered by my protection plan? When choosing a home warranty, make sure you understand exactly what items in your home are protected by your coverage option.
  • What if my appliance can’t be repaired? At Choice Home Warranty, we’ll replace many appliances and systems that can’t be fixed.* However, not all home warranty providers offer this type of coverage, and you’ll want to make sure that your home’s features are protected even if they break entirely.
  • Who will be working on the repairs in my home? You don’t always get to choose who performs your repairs, but with a service-oriented company like Choice Home Warranty, our pre-screened technicians are certified and trusted to complete any covered repair job.

Whether you’re an existing homeowner or considering buying a home, even the cheapest home warranty will offer comprehensive home protection at a price that works with your budget. The few hundred dollars you spend on a home warranty plan can pay dividends when the time comes to repair or replace a covered major home appliance,* providing an easy answer to the question: Does a home warranty make sense for me?

Is Buying a Home Warranty Cost-Effective?

Consumer demand for home warranties has grown over the last 10 years, and home warranties are an increasingly cost-effective way to finance home maintenance projects. Home warranties can help drive cost savings during home repairs by:

  • Providing financial coverage when a manufacturer’s warranty expires
  • Reducing the repair or replacement costs of covered major appliances and systems*
  • Making your home more marketable to buyers

The cheapest home warranty can provide valuable assurance beyond the initial home inspection, granting peace of mind that your home’s systems and appliances will be covered when they break. Consider the following findings from Warranty Week pointing to the increasing popularity of home warranties and the value they can bring to homeowners:

  • In 2016, consumers spent over $2 billion in home warranties, making home warranties “an essential part of a sales transaction in some states.”
  • At the same time, homebuilders typically set aside around $2,530 in warranty payouts for every new home they sell, most of which is spent in the first year or two.
  • Home warranty providers reported spending $589 million on claims, which was $46 million more than they spent in 2016 and a record high since 2007.

In short, more and more homeowners are choosing to protect their assets with a home warranty plan, and they are seeing significant claim payouts when home systems or appliances need to be repaired or replaced. As a new homeowner or someone considering buying a house, the cheapest home warranty can ensure that the potentially high cost of a home repair is covered through your service contract and not your wallet.

Protection Beyond a Manufacturer’s Warranty

Claim payouts for major appliances and systems totaled $1.95 billion in 2017. Without a home warranty or manufacturer’s warranty in place, consumers would be responsible for paying those repair costs out-of-pocket.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Association, an estimated 96% of US families own a microwave, 82% and 79% have a washer and dryer, respectively, and 59% have a dishwasher. Given this prevalence of home appliances, these repair or replacement costs can be extensive and expensive. When the manufacturer’s warranty expires, a home warranty plan can fill this gap and provide a convenient, cost-effective option to repair or replace covered home systems or appliances. They also cover repairs and replacements caused by everyday wear and tear, which isn’t covered by other plans like homeowner’s insurance.

Coverage Throughout the Appliance Lifespan

The cheapest home warranty can save you money on the repair or replacement of dozens of covered items, including heating systems, garage doors and more. Consider the life expectancy for common household appliances, as estimated by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors and Sears Home Services.

Appliance Life Expectancy (years) Repair Cost
Dishwasher 9 $150-$200
Dryer (Clothes) 13 $200-$265
Oven 10-18 $230-$320
Refrigerator 9-13 $230-$300
Washing Machine 5-15 $200-$265
Air Conditioning Unit 7-15 $164-$549
Water Heater (Conventional) 6-12 $244-$576

If your major appliances and systems are aging, repair costs alone can set you back several hundred dollars. When the time comes to replace your appliances, you could be looking at a bill for several thousands of dollars.

The cheapest home warranty will protect against these expenses, substituting a low annual fee for a steep repair or replacement bill on covered repairs.*

More Money for Your Home

A home warranty can increase your home’s marketability by adding extra protections and incentives for those buying a home. According to Cres Insurance, homes that were protected by a warranty plan typically sold faster and reduced their number of days on the market by 16 percent. These homes were also sold at a higher average price than homes without a protection plan, with the sales price increasing by almost one percent. Additionally, transferring your home warranty to new owners can add even more incentive for potential buyers.

What Else Does a Home Warranty Cover?

When looking for the cheapest home warranty, you also want to understand the level of service and terms of conditions. Consider these common questions when researching the best home warranty:

Do Home Warranties Cover Pre-Existing Conditions?

Most home warranties do not cover pre-existing damages. Consumer Reports explains that broken appliances will likely not qualify for coverage if you failed to maintain it correctly or if the damage preceded the home warranty coverage.

Who Should Pay for a Home Warranty?

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners recommends that you consider purchasing a home warranty if you are buying an existing home or moving into a new home. Additionally, if your appliances are aging or you want to simplify home maintenance, a home warranty could be a smart investment.

Can You Buy a Home Warranty After Closing?

Most home warranty companies will let you buy a home warranty plan at any point during homeownership.

How Do I Choose the Best and Cheapest Home Warranty Plan?

Whether you are looking for the cheapest home warranty to cover your basic home needs or you are opting for a premium combo plan for more complex home systems, there are several steps you can take to ensure you find a reputable company that meets your coverage and price point needs.

Step One: Do your research.

Looking into a company’s history and consumer ratings can be an excellent way to review home warranty options. Consider the following factors when making your decision:

  • Accreditation: Although home warranties are not insurance policies, many states require companies to register with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.
  • Ratings: Read the customer service reviews on an independent ratings site and look for service providers with the highest consumer ratings. Many review sites will let you sort by your preferred criteria, including lowest price, highest review or most recent.
  • Years in business: Consider how long the company has been around, as this can shed light on a company’s reputation and level of expertise.
  • Values: Research the home warranty company’s values, such as a transparent service fee schedule, accessible annual rates, clear service terms and quick processing times. You should be able to find this information without submitting personal data.

Step Two: Determine your service needs and price point.

When you’ve narrowed the list of reputable companies, identify your coverage needs and determine what you want to pay in annual service fees, site visits and any additional add-on services.

Home warranty plans will vary in their level of coverage, but they generally offer tiers of service, such as:

  • Tier 1: These plans generally cover the main mechanical systems, including electrical, heating, plumbing and water heaters, as well as appliances such as stoves, dishwashers, water heaters and garbage disposals.
  • Tier 2: A step up in coverage typically includes every appliance and system in Tier 1, plus larger systems such as air conditioning, refrigerators, washing machines and dryers.
  • Add-ons: Most plans will let you add specialty covered items such as septic systems and pool or spa systems for an additional $100 or $200.

At Choice Home Warranty, we offer two protection plan options — the Basic Plan and the Total Plan. Our Basic Plan includes Tier 1 appliances and systems, and our Total Plan extends to include Tier 2 services. If you need more protection for other features in your home, we also offer optional coverage that can be added on to either plan, so you can have all of your important systems backed by our warranty.*

Step 3: Do your research (again)

The Service Contract Industry Council recommends buying a home warranty that is clear and upfront about homeowner responsibilities. As a homeowner, you should:

  • Request a copy of the contract before buying. The best and cheapest home warranty will make their service terms clear and accessible.
  • Fulfill all contract responsibilities, such as filter changes. Home appliances and systems that are not properly maintained may be ineligible for a claim payout.
  • Keep the service contract paperwork, original receipts and all maintenance records. This will help provide documentation of proper care in any claim dispute.
  • Research the service contract company. Verify that the home warranty company contracts with a reputable and licensed vendor.

What Can I Expect From Choice Home Warranty?

As one of the top-rated home warranty companies with over 10 years experience in the industry, Choice Home Warranty offers the most comprehensive, flexible and value-priced plans on the market, bringing you affordable options and quality service. Every service contract — from the cheapest home warranty plan to the premium combo plan — offers:

  • First month free when you sign up for a single payment plan
  • Local, pre-screened technicians
  • Replacement options if the technician cannot repair the covered item*
  • 24/7 home warranty service
  • Automated home maintenance reminders
  • Complete transferability to new homeowners anytime during the warranty period
  • Add-on coverage, as desired, on items like pool and spa or septic tank

When you do a home warranty price comparison, you’ll find the generous coverage and competitive pricing at Choice Home Warranty makes it one of the most affordable home warranty options, and one of the most comprehensive service providers.

When you’re looking to protect your home, price is a huge consideration, but not at the expense of quality service. Some home warranty plans may offer bottom-line prices, but the limited service levels might leave homeowners footing the bill in the end.

Choice Home Warranty offers competitive pricing and comprehensive coverage, bringing you peace of mind that your home and wallet are protected. Plus, the generous transferability options makes Choice Home Warranty a great fit for homeowners and buyers alike.

Items Covered in the Basic Plan

  • Heating System
  • Electrical System
  • Plumbing System
  • Plumbing System
  • Plumbing Stoppage
  • Water Heater
  • Whirlpool Bathtub
  • Over / Range / Stove
  • Cooktop
  • Dishwasher
  • Built-in Microwave
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Ductwork
  • Garage Door Opener
  • Ceiling and Exhaust Fans

Items Covered in the Total Plan

  • Every item in the Basic Plan, plus:
  • Air Conditioning System
  • Refrigerator
  • Clothes Washer
  • Clothes Dryer

Choice Home Warranty Customer Reviews

Choice Home Warranty customers consistently report cost savings and optimal service:

“Well, I got a home warranty in January after my heat pump failed, it was a quick fix, but I didn’t want to be out in the cold if it happened again. Well, 6 months later and my garage door opener stops working, Choice Home Warranty covered it just like they said they would … very satisfied customer.”

“My pool pump and timer breaker kept flipping off, so I called and CHW set up a vendor right away. They called, we arranged a time, and even though they had to come back to replace the breaker, everything worked out great. I had to pay a slightly additional fee since I had reached the $500 pool maximum, but that’s fine. I’ve gotten my money’s worth for my premium for sure.”

“Excellent Service. Using for so many years. Getting better every year. My home is 23 years old. Getting more than what I pay. Definitely worth the money.”

“[My agent] was very helpful he explained every question I had and saved me some money which is good on a fixed income. He was very professional.”

The Cheapest Home Warranty and the Best Value

Are you ready to get a home warranty and start adding value to your home? With Choice Home Warranty, your appliances and systems will be well taken care of by our trusted technicians, and you can get your first month of coverage for free when you select a home protection plan today!

Get your free quote now by filling out the form or calling us at (732) 907-4902 and learn how to save time and money while protecting your home.


* Click Here to view complete limits of liability and any exclusions. CHW offers service contracts which are not warranties. ** See policy for specifics on response times. *** CHW reserves the right to offer cash back in lieu of repair or replacement in the amount of CHW’s actual cost (which at times may be less than retail) to repair or replace any covered system, component or appliance. **** In the event a claim is denied, and a customer seeks to have Us review that denial, We have the right to request routine maintenance records in reviewing its decision.