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I purchased this warranty plan for my rental house in Las Vegas after experiencing terrible service from another warranty provider. I had 2 things go out the same week and had my renter call Choice. Within 4 hours, contractors responded to both problems. My renter was so excited and will spread the work to her clients in Las Vegas about the awesome service she received and the contracters were great! Thank You!
Bronwen Ross, 08/11/16
Used them for the first time and the warranty worked out just like it's suppose too. Awesome!
Alicia Philpott, 08/11/16
It did take, as stated by customer service rep, 24 plus hrs to receive a technicians number. Once I called, the Hvac company was there the same day! They were extremely helpful, friendly, and did an amazing job. My house is once again cool and comfortable. I made the right choice by choosing this warranty company.
Tammie Obenrader, 08/10/16
I submitted my very first warranty claim this week. The whole process was swift and extremely professional. This claim was handled with care and a true priority. Extremely happy with Choice.
Trina W, 08/10/16
My washer motor went out! Choice gave me a check to replace the washer. I was very satisfied. Each time I have had a claim I have been satisfied.
Sherry H Suarez, 08/09/16
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Great warranty service! Repair was done the next day, switched from another warranty service, because the price and service are better!

--Lei Tasha Tucker
 Chandler, AZ

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