There are plenty of expensive ways to upgrade your home: an all-new bathroom, shining new appliances, updated floors, or even an add-on. But upgrading your home doesn’t have to be so drastic, or hit your wallet so hard. Before you tackle the big stuff, consider what can be done around your home for $100 or less — sometimes much less.

We’ve highlighted 100 DIY home upgrade projects that you can complete for $100 or less. Some are small, some are large, but all of them are incredibly affordable. Don’t wait for the day when you have thousands to spend: consider working on these cheap (and fun) DIY projects to upgrade your home today.

1. Paint your vinyl flooring: Not in love with the pattern or look of your vinyl floors? Paint them! It’s easy to find paint that is specifically meant for flooring. Cost: $35 for a can of floor paint, plus painting supplies.

2. Faux carriage garage door: Upgrade your builder standard garage door to one with an inviting carriage style. All it takes is black gloss paint and a few pieces of hardware. Cost: Approximately $30.

3. Cover your ugly air return with a door mat: Emulate expensive return air vent covers with a door mat you can pick up cheap at any home goods store — or even your front porch! Cost: Approximately $20 for a decorative door mat.

4. Paint your return air vent: Prefer something more permanent than a doormat? Paint your vent covers for a new look and shine on the cheap. Cost: $10 for a can of spray paint.

5. Planked wood wall: You could invest in tile or expensive bead board, or simply spend about $30 in fence planks for a rustic charming wall with real wood. Cost: Approximately $50 for wood and paint.

6. Framed mirror: A framed mirror adds lots of polish to your bathroom and offers a serious upgrade over unfinished mirror edges. Cost: Approximately $50 for base molding and liquid nail.

7. Cheap chunky baseboards: If you love the look of chunky baseboards but can’t afford to get all new trim for your floors, try this project. You’ll just add a thin piece of trim and paint for a much nicer look on an extremely cheap budget. Cost: Approximately $6 for a small room.

8. Install new door knobs: Improve the look of any door by quickly installing a new door knob set. Cost: Approximately $15 per door knob set.

9. Spray paint door knobs: If you’re happy with your door knobs, but just want them to look a little more polished and updated, take a can of spray paint to them for a new look. Cost: Approximately $30 for spray paint, primer, nozzle, and sand sponges.

10. Upgrade cabinet hardware: Little things can really make a big difference. Update your cabinet hardware with new drawer pulls for less than $30. Cost: Approximately $25 for 10 drawer pulls.

11. Build your own fireplace mantel: What’s a fireplace without a mantel? This DIY project is cheap and takes just a few hours to complete — and it makes a huge impact on the look of your fireplace. Cost: Approximately $30 for wood, paint, and screws.

12. Spray paint brass lighting fixtures: Add an updated look to your brass lighting fixtures for the cost of a can of spray paint. Cost: $15 for spray paint.

13. Decorative bathtub molding: Give a modular shower enclosure bathtub a designer look with inexpensive molding. Cost: Approximately $50 for PVC board, bed molding, bead board, MDF, and liquid nails.

14. Easy board and batten: Board and batten offers a really nice look, but it can get expensive quickly. Instead of purchasing boards, consider buying lattice, pine, and paint instead for a DIY that’s less than $60. Cost: Approximately $60 for lattice and pine.

15. Paint kitchen cabinets: Not ready to invest in all new cabinets? We don’t blame you — it’s expensive! But you can give your kitchen a new look with a few coats of paint. It will take a lot of effort to complete, but the payoff (and savings) is worth it. Cost: $50 for paint plus supplies, optional hardware updates for an additional $50.

16. Stone bath upgrade: Add a natural look to your bathtub with veneer stone tiles. Cost: Approximately $50 for a box of AirStone.

17. Raised panel door: Take your basic flat door from an ugly eyesore to a charming entryway with the simple addition of molding. Cost: Approximately $40 for molding and paint.

18. Faux carerra marble counters: Want a carerra marble look — on your laminate counter tops? It sounds crazy, but it’s possible. With primer, paint, a sea sponge, and feathering brush, you can add a marble look to your counter top surface. Cost: $50 for paint, primer, sponge, and brushes.

19. Front of house trellis: Add some privacy and a nice area for plants to climb with a trellis that offers curb appeal. Cost: Approximately $30 for wood, paint, and nails.

20. Floating shelves: These DIY floating shelves offer a lot of bang for your buck at just $15 each. Cost: Approximately $15 per shelf.

21. Paint your front door: A fresh coat of paint on your front door adds instant curb appeal for practically pennies. Cost: Approximately $30 for door and hardware paint.

22. Upgraded kitchen island: If your small kitchen island feels a little anemic, update the counter top and add a shelf for an upgraded feel and better functionality. Cost: $30 for shelving extension and butcher block.

23. DIY Shaker-style bifold doors: Upgrade your bifold closet doors to a Shaker-style look without a Shaker-style price. This project adds casing and a fresh coat of paint for about $30. Cost: Approximately $30 for casing and paint.

24.Faux brick back splash: Getting a brick back splash look in your kitchen doesn’t have to mean adding real brick — or even brick veneer. This look can be achieved with sheets of faux brick paneling available at hardware stores. Cost: Approximately $20 per sheet, plus paint.

25.Homemade house numbers: Instantly boost your home’s curb appeal with these funky, super cheap house numbers. Cost: Approximately $20 for wood, paint, nails, and fishing line or twine.

26.Convert bi fold doors: If your bi fold doors are driving you insane, make them more like real doors with a few pieces of hardware. You’ll get more access to areas in your closet and a more functional door space. Cost: $10 or less for board, braces, and catches.

27.Concrete stained floors: Concrete is an easily stainable hard floor surface material — and it’s cheap. Get a great look for less with this project. Cost: $30 for concrete and finish in a small room.

28.Lattice privacy screen: Create a more private area on your front or back patio with a lattice privacy screen. Cost: Less than $40 for lattice, pine, and screws.

29.Whitewashed brick fireplace: Brighten up your living room by whitewashing a dark brick fireplace. It just takes paint! Cost: $20 for paint plus painting supplies.

30.Grout paint restoration: If you like the look of your tile floors, but don’t love your grout, give it a simple upgrade with grout paint. Yes, it exists! Cost: $10 plus a toothbrush and paper towels.

31.Built in nook desk: Turn an unused nook in your home into an entire office with a built in desk. Cost: Approximately $70 for wood plus hardware.

32. Camouflage your utility boxes: Gray utility boxes can be an eyesore on an otherwise bright white painted home. Fix this problem quickly by simply painting them! Cost: Approximately $20 for paint plus painting supplies.

33. DIY window boxes: Add a space for pretty flowers and dress up your home’s front exterior with these easy to make window boxes. Cost: Approximately $50 for wood, brackets, and materials.

34.Front porch light makeover: Completely change the look of your front porch light without buying any new hardware. Simply paint it with spray paint for a big makeover. Cost: $10 for a can of spray paint.

35.Add a door knocker: A door knocker adds a certain touch of glamour and style to your front door — and it doesn’t have to be expensive. This door knocker only cost $40! Cost: Approximately $40, depends on style chosen.

36.Add crown molding to a door: Top any door with crown molding for an instantly upgraded look. Cost: $15 for crown molding.

37.Cabinet applique: Add a little extra style to your cabinet with an applique. It’s just $5 per cabinet! Cost: $5 per applique, plus painting supplies.

38.Block your AC unit from view with plants: Dress up your air conditioner and comply with HOA rules by covering your ugly unit with pretty flowers. Cost: $18 for three flower bushes.

39.Rustic bathroom storage cabinet: Forget about dinky medicine cabinets. Upgrade to this storage cabinet in your bathroom for less than $100. Cost: $100 or less for boards, plywood, mirror, wood filler, hardware, and supplies.

40.Acid stained concrete patio floors: Add interest and color to your concrete patio floors with acid staining. Cost: $50 for stain plus pressure washer rental and pump sprayer.

41.Chalkboard paint wall: Add storage, style, and whimsy to your wall with a couple coats of chalkboard paint. Cost: $10 for paint plus supplies.

42.Rustic backyard fire pit: Add this charming fire pit to your backyard for less than $10. Yes, $10! Cost: $10 for mortar, plus free rocks.

43.Mason jar bathroom storage: For $4 each, you can create cute toothpaste holders for everyone in your family. Cost: $16 for four including mason jars and hose clamps.

44.Wall mount book shelf: Make an attractive storage space for books with these shelves that display book covers front and center. Cost: Approximately $50 for boards, screws, and wall anchors.

45.Scalloped wood wall: Add an extra dimension of style to your wall will scalloped wood. Cost: Approximately $30 for plywood, paint pen, and mounting tape.

46.Interior painted kitchen cabinets: Add a pop of color to the inside of your cabinets with a can of paint. Cost: $15 for paint, plus painting supplies.

47.Open kitchen shelving: Instead of replacing cabinets, why not do away with them altogether? This project uses open shelving instead of cabinets for a cheap update. Cost: $15 per shelf.

48.Cabinet pull out drawers: Add organization and functionality to your cabinets with pull out drawers. Cost: Approximately $35 each including drawers, fronts, and hardware.

49. Custom cabinet corbels: Add a custom look and a finished end to your cabinets with corbels. Cost: $54 for 6.

50. Ceiling fan chandelier: Add a simple chandelier to your ceiling fan for an upgraded look. Cost: Approximately $70 for chandelier and zip ties.

51. Vanity step drawer: Upgrade your builder vanity into one that’s child friendly by adding a step drawer. Cost: Approximately $50 for heavy duty drawer slides and wood.

52. Interior painted door: Painting the outside of your front door is a popular upgrade, but changing things up inside can be just as exciting. Cost: $15 for paint, plus painting supplies.

53. Switch plate update: Use cheap frames and paint to make your switch plates look great. Cost: Approximately $15 for frames and paint.

54. Cabinet crown molding: Put crown molding on top of your cabinets for an instant update. Cost: $50 for crown molding, wood cuts, adhesive, nails, and spackle.

55. USB wall outlet: Upgrade your wall outlets to USB for easy charging of mobile devices. Cost: $20 per outlet.

56. Paint a sink: Not happy with your sink’s counter top or finish? Paint it with brush on epoxy. Cost: Approximately $50 for epoxy, steel wool, cleaner, and brushes.

57. Faux stair runner: If you’ve had it with the carpet on your stairs, or just want an updated look, paint them with a style that emulates stair runners. Cost: Approximately $40 for paint and decals.

58. Upgraded bead board mirror: Make a basic mirror really shine with bead board and decorative details. Cost: Approximately $25 for bead board, decorative detail, and paint.

59. Finial cabinet upgrade: Give your cabinets a custom look by adding $6 finial wood accents. Cost: $6 per finail.

60. Closet storage upgrade: Add functionality to any closet with more shelves and pegboard. Cost: Approximately $30 for pegboard and wood.

61. Pipe closet rack: No closet? No problem. With some simple hardware, you can install a hanging rack in any corner. Cost: Approximately $10 in hardware.

62. Refinish a tub: If your tub tile needs an upgrade, you can paint it! Cost: Approximately $40 for tub and tile paint, plus painting and cleaning supplies.

63. Add bathroom shelving: Increase your storage space by adding shelving to your bathroom walls. Cost: $7 per shelf.

64. Inside closet door shelves: Get more storage space for shoes, bags, or accessories by hanging shelves inside closet doors. Cost: Approximately $40 for wood materials.

65. Refresh with vinyl floor tiles: Get a new look for bathroom floors by adding inexpensive vinyl floor tiles. Cost: $.99 per tile.

67. Stainless steel appliance fronts: If you love the look of stainless but aren’t ready to upgrade appliances, just invest in $5 stainless steel contact paper. Yes, $5! Cost: $5 for roll of contact paper.

68. Cinder block bench: Upgrade your patio with a simple cinder block bench. Cost: Approximately $70 for cinder blocks, cushions, and pillows.

69. Paint your stairs: Want a fresher look for your stairs? Paint them! Cost: $84 for paint, primer, and painting supplies.

70. Galvanized steel curtain rod: Make galvanized curtain rods from plumbing parts to add a rustic look to your windows. Cost: Approximately $30 in plumbing parts.

71. Etched door window: Use transparent contact paper and a template to create this attractive privacy glass on any door window. Cost: $5 for roll of contact paper.

72. Window valences: Using MDF and hardware, you can put together an attractive custom valence for your window. Cost: $29 for MDF and hardware.

73. Dutch door upgrade: Turn your hollow core door into a half Dutch door, complete with a ledge. Cost: Approximately $20 for wood and hardware.

74. Kids’ shelf table: A laminate shelf, brackets, and chairs come together to make this the ultimate space saving kids’ table. Cost: $90 for shelf, brackets, and chairs.

75. DIY drying rack: Make a knock off drying rack for your laundry room at half the price. Cost: $55 for bead board wallpaper, wood, boards, dowels, and hardware.

76. Custom baby gate: Large baby gates can cost $200 or more — and they may not look as nice as you’d hoped. But you can make a custom baby gate for under $50. Cost: Approximately $50 for wood, PVC pipe, spray paint.

77. No sew Roman blinds: These blinds are easy and cheap to make — no sewing machine required! Cost: $15 for tension rods, fabric, and no-sew.

78. Air conditioner lattice covers: Hide your unsightly air conditioning unit behind these cheery plastic lattice covers. Cost: $5 (yard sale).

79. Pantry screen door: Make your kitchen a little more airy and exude country living with a screen for your pantry door. Cost: Approximately $70 for materials and hardware.

80. Sliding barn wood door: Hide shelves and make any room more charming with this sliding barn wood door for less than $100. Cost: $95 including wood and hardware.

81. Closet door hardware update: A fresh coat of paint and stylish hardware can have sliding closet doors looking like new — or better than new. Cost: Approximately $20 for paint and hardware.

82. Concrete fireplace: Love the look of concrete and clean lines? You can use concrete to update for fireplace for less than $100. Cost: Approximately $100 for concrete, finish, hardware, and tool rental.

83. Coat closet makeover: add hooks and shelving to make your coat closet more functional and attractive. Cost: Approximately $25 for paneling and hooks.

84. Farmhouse window molding: Give your window an entirely new look with just solid pine boards and a coat of paint. Cost: Approximately $40 for wood, materials, and paint.

85. Recycled bottle wall: Decorate your outdoors with your recycling — and add some color to your patio. All you need is rebar and a collection of bottles to make this attractive wall that lets the light shine through. Cost: Approximately $20 for rebar.

86. Paint doors new: Paint any door like a pro to make it look new. Cost: $15 for paint, plus painting supplies.

87. Paper bag floors: Yes, it’s possible to finish your floors with paper — paper! Using builders paper, glue, stain, and polyurethane, you can achieve a great looking “paper bag” floor. Cost: $80 for paper, glue, stain, polyurethane.

88. Entryway hooks: Simply paint a 2×4 and add hooks for this easy and cheap entryway storage solution. Cost: Approximately $20 for wood and hardware.

89. Penny covered counter: This counter covering costs just pennies (really), with epoxy, wood trim, and of course, pennies. Cost: Approximately $70 for pennies, wood trim, and epoxy.

90. Update recessed lighting with pendants: No fancy wiring required here. These pendants allow you to transform recessed lighting into pendants on the cheap. Cost: $59 per pendant light.

91. Gel stained garage door: Change the entire look of your garage door with a few hours and a quart of gel stain. Cost: $20 for stain and brushes.

92. Paint diamonds on the floor: Put diamonds — yes, diamonds — on your floor with this fun paint project. Cost: Approximately $25 for paint and tape.

93. Custom cabinet doors: Find out how you can make 9 custom cabinet doors for less than $100. Cost: Approximately $100 for MDF, hardware, and paint.

94. Whitewashed fireplace makeover: See what a little paint can do to a dark and outdated fireplace. Cost: $40 for paint and cleaning supplies.

95. Lattice garbage can hider: Keep your garbage can hidden behind this attractive lattice wall for a nicer looking yard. Cost: Approximately $40 for wood and hardware materials.

96. Cover your popcorn ceiling: Give your ceiling an updated look with inexpensive planking. It’s possible to complete a small room for under $100. Cost: $11 per pack of 6, 8 foot long planks.

97. Custom hose holder: Put this attractive hose holder together with simple wood pieces and hardware. Cost: $15 for wood and hardware.

98. Chalkboard cabinet fronts: Add some personality to your cabinets with a chalkboard space for writing and drawing. Cost: Approximately $20 for paint, plus painting supplies.

99. Home office in a closet: MDF board makes it an office, but fun touches like wallpaper and organization make it a great place to work. Cost: Approximately $70 for MDF, wallpaper, and organizing materials.

100. Brand new door bell: Ditch your old plastic doorbell for one that’s new and shiny. Cost: $16 for a new button.

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