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Of the many different uses for Twitter, its ability to quickly broadcast important information is certainly one of the most valuable. Followers all around the globe can follow real-time news as soon as it hits the wire. For those living in parts of the US that are prone to severe weather, Twitter can give them the warning necessary to evacuate quickly and get out of harm’s way. For other severe weather enthusiasts, storm-chasing Twitter accounts publish stunning photos of weather phenomenon and love to share interesting science tidbits about our planet’s climate.

No matter what you love about tornado-chasing, volcano-loving, earthquake-studying, hurricane-reporting, flood-obsessed tweets, we’ve found the top 50 best natural disaster experts to follow. Please note, though – this list is in no particular order.

  1. Cory Reppenhagen – @CRepp7News – “Meteorologist, Severe Weather Journalist, Photographer”
  2. Michael Hook – @weatherninja – “Arkansas Storm Chaser & wx forecaster. If there’s severe weather, I’ll be in it.”
  3. Ryan Maue – @RyanMaue – “PhD Meteorologist Tweeting the weather”
  4. Jason McLaughlin – @NorthTXWeather – “Extreme weather forecaster, storm chaser and videographer in the North Texas area.”
  5. Quincy Vagell – @stormchaserQ – Meteorologist from Connecticut
  6. Charlie Neese – @cneeseweather – “TV meteorologist. Severe Weather Safety Expert”
  7. Ari Sarsalari – @AriWeather – “Meteorologist…Severe Weather Expert”
  8. Ethan Mulnix – @Tornadochaser91 – “Storm Chaser…out to save lives and do research one severe outbreak at a time!”
  9. Mike Bettes – @mikebettes – Weather Channel Meteorologist
  10. Chad Myers – @chadmyerscnn – “Severe Weather Expert and Science reporter for CNN.”
  11. Phil Ferro – @PhilFerro7 – “Keeping an eye on the sky and hoping to keep you out of the way of severe weather.”
  12. Matt Coker – @StormCoker – “Avid stormchaser, co-founder of Twister Trackers stormchasing”
  13. Christopher Hobson – @hobson_c – Professor researching natural disasters, among other things
  14. Reed Timmer – @reedtimmerTVN – “Extreme meteorologist and Storm Chaser that loves weather.”
  15. Larry Gebert – @KTVBLarry – “Meteorologist tweeting weather updates and severe weather alerts”
  16. Andrew Freedman – @afreedma – “Senior Climate Reporter for Mashable. Reporting & analyzing climate science and weather.”
  17. Mike Lyons – @wpbf_mike – “Severe Weather Expert at WPBF 25 News”
  18. Rob Perillo – @robperillo – “Chief Meteorologist…severe weather, hurricane and broadcast media updates.”
  19. David Vicary – @davevicary – “…Catastrophe Analyst…fascinated by natural disasters, storm chases in the US…”
  20. Dr. Rick Knabb – @NHCDirector – Director, National Hurricane Center
  21. Jason Cooley – @DrTornadoCooley – “Skywarn chaser with Operation Chase.”
  22. Mike Francis – @MikeFrancisWX – “I am a hardcore meteorologist. I am obsessed with severe weather and tornadoes. I have turned that obsession into saving lives.”
  23. Kyle Smith – @KylesWeather – “Severe weather expert, technology aficionado, broadcaster”
  24. James Spann – @spann – “Media meteorologist. WeatherBrains host. Weather geek.”
  25. Johnny Kelly – @stormchaser4850 – Keeping followers weather aware and up-to-date on weather conditions
  26. Rob White – @svrwxtweets – “Meteorologist specializing in severe weather impacts on business and public safety”
  27. Paul Huttner – @MPRweather – Chief Meteorologist tweeting severe weather alerts
  28. Mark Schnackenberg – @KWWLSchnack – “KWWL Chief Meteorologist”
  29. Dan Satterfield – @wildweatherdan -“Meteorologist (on air for 34 years) Chairman AMS Committee on Station Science. I’m into Science.”
  30. Brad Panovich – @wxbrad – “Chief Meteorologist in Charlotte, NC”
  31. Ray Jameson – @WaterlooWeather – “Severe Weather Spotter / Storm Chaser / Weather Geek!”
  32. Brian Alonzo – @wxprobrian – “Meteorologist/Weather and Traffic producer for a local TV station. Not a fan of droughts.”
  33. Cris Martinez – @WPBF_Cris – “Award-winning certified broadcast meteorologist…severe weather expert”
  34. Tami Gray – @weather_tami – “Very passionate about severe weather awareness”
  35. Spencer Adkins – @SpencerWeather – “Meteorologist. Strategist. Enthusiast.”
  36. John Gumm – @JohnGumm – “Award-Winning Meteorologist…”
  37. Storm Chase Alabama – @Ala_StormChaser – “…Storm Chaser and Severe Weather Photographer”
  38. Zahra Hirji – @Zhirji28 – “Science writer w/an affection for natural hazards, risk, space science”
  39. Kevin Owensby – @KevinOwensby – “Severe weather and breaking news junkie”
  40. Rick Lantz – @KTVBRick – “Weather updates and severe weather alerts from Idaho’s Chief Meteorologist”
  41. Savage Weather – @SAVAGEweather – Weather enthusiast covering all of Texas
  42. Christian Burgess – @cburgessDDH – “Disaster @DistressLine Director. Tweets to help those in emotional distress before, during & after natural and human-caused disasters.”
  43. Ryan Sandberg – @RyanJSandberg – “Storm Chaser, Meteorology Intern”
  44. Sarah Dillingham – @THESarahD29 – “Weather Producer & Severe Weather Specialist”
  45. Mike Brady – @ChaserCentral – “…storm chaser based in SW Iowa…”
  46. Jennifer McDermed – @McDermedWx – “WHO-HD Morning Meteorologist. Lover of Severe Weather. Tornado Chaser”
  47. Daniel Phillips – @DanielKATC – “KATC’s Storm Team 3 Weekend Meteorologist.”
  48. Jim Cantore – @JimCantore – “Certified Broadcast Meteorologist and self-proclaimed weather geek. Always awaiting mother nature’s latest temper tantrum.”
  49. Nick Palisch – @nickpalisch – Reporting local weather in Missouri and Illinois
  50. Bart Comstock – @SvrWxChaser – Storm chaser and photojournalist

Do you follow any natural disaster experts that we’ve skipped? Let us know in the comments below.

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