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There are thousands of real estate agents on Twitter eager to make connections with potential buyers and sellers online. Just like with any industry,though, there’s a right way and a wrong way to handle social media in the real estate world. The most effective agents engage their followers with more than just info on their listings. They take their 140-character limit and make the best of it, and this is how:

They create, share and discuss relevant content:

create content

They engage with followers and others in their industry:

engage others

They are advocates of the cities they live and sell in:

city advocates

And they talk, shockingly, about their listings!

share listings

Still not sure what it takes to use Twitter the right way in the real estate biz? Follow our picks for the top 50 real estate agents who are doing Twitter right.

  1. Samantha Orton – @SMarieOrton – Certified Real Estate Agent in Saint Louis, MO
  2. Marisa Zanuck – @marisazanuck – Real Estate Expert in Beverly Hills, CA
  3. Daniel DiPetro – @DIPETROBROKER – Real Estate Agent in Denver Metro area, CO
  4. Todd Clark – @LivingBeaverton – Realtor in Beaverton, OR
  5. Dale Chumbley – @DaleChumbley – Real Estate guy in Vancouver, WA
  6. Beth Heilman – @bethheilman – Realtor Extraordinaire in Las Vegas, NV
  7. Chris Nichols – @utahREpro – Realtor in Orem, UT
  8. Loren Sanders – @LorenSan – Real Estate Professional in Carlsbad, CA
  9. Dave Woodson – @davewoodson – Realtor in NW Indiana
  10. Andrea Geller – @AndreaRealtor – Sales & Marketing in Chicago, IL
  11. Bob Watson – @TopBrokerOC – Real Estate Broker in Orange County, CA
  12. David Childress – @AkronOhioHomes – Realtor in Akron, OH
  13. Whitney Pannell – @whitneypannell – Realtor in Lexington, KY
  14. Danny Nappi – @dannyintampa – Real Estate Broker in Tampa, FL
  15. Jared Christiansen – @FtWayneRealtors – Realtor in Fort Wayne, ID
  16. Cecilia Sherrard – @OhioAgent – Realtor in Cleveland, OH
  17. Milton Elbogen – @NYCREMilton – Real Estate professional in New York, NY
  18. Deborah Bernat – @ebbernat – Senior Real Estate Associate in Boston, MA
  19. Lesley Lambert – @LesleyLambert – Realtor in Westfield, MA
  20. Sue Adler – @sueadler – Realtor in New Jersey
  21. Ryan Mills – @RealtorRyan – Realtor in Westlake Village, CA
  22. Michelle Silverman – @MichelleRealtor – Realtor in San Diego, CA
  23. Sarah Elles Boggs – @SarahElles – Realtor in Miami, FL
  24. Julie Brittain – @TopREGirl – Real Estate Agent in Atlanta, GA
  25. Nick Ratliff – @nickratliff – Realtor in Lexington, KY
  26. Jim Duncan – @JimDuncan – Real Estate Broker in Charlottesville, VA
  27. Ann Cummings – @acummings – Realtor in Portsmouth, NH
  28. Gwen Banta – @SherlockofHomes – Real Estate Professional in Beverly Hills, CA
  29. Rob Kallick – @takesunset – Real Estate Agent in Los Angeles, CA
  30. Mary Pope Handy – @MaryPopeHandy – Realtor in Los Gatos, CA
  31. Vija Williams – @ViaVija – Real Estate Agent in Seattle, WA
  32. Jenny Haeg – @sftechbroker – Commercial Real Estate Broker – San Francisco, CA
  33. JP Smith – @JPSmithNYC – Real Estate Professional in New York, New York
  34. Steve Volkers – @SteveVolkers – Real Estate Agent in Grand Rapids, MI
  35. Ramiro Rivas – @SoldByRamiro – Real Estate Agent in Los Angeles, CA
  36. Ann Marie Clements – @AnnMarieRealtor – Realtor in Maryland
  37. Rod Williams – @AtlFavRealtor – Realtor in Atlanta, GA
  38. Erica Brooks – @Brooks_Erica – Realtor in Bar Harbor, ME
  39. Kathy Smith – @KatSmithRealtor – Realtor in Phoenix, AZ
  40. Sandy Berry – @sandygberry – Realtor in Victoria BC, Canada
  41. Allan Pike – @Al_PikeRealtor – Realtor in London, ON
  42. Kimberly Barton – @KBartonRealtor – Realtor in Baltimore, MD
  43. Charlotte Mason Perez – @REpro4u – Realtor in Roseville, CA
  44. Jorge Fernandez – @MiamiJorge – Real Estate Agent in Miami, FL
  45. Doug Herbert – @DougHerbert123 – Real Estate Agent in Ottawa, Canada
  46. Grant Hilborn – @GrantHilborn – Realtor in Toronto, Canada
  47. Kennon Earl – @KennonEarl – Realtor in Los Angeles, CA
  48. Brad Reynolds – @BradReynolds3 – Realtor in Nashville, TN
  49. Dru Bloomfield – @drubloomfield – Realtor in Scottsdale, AZ
  50. Albie Vas – @AlbieVas – Realtor in Las Vegas, NV

And that’s our 50! If we haven’t listed a real estate agent in your area, search for one on Twitter and use our guide to determine if they can produce the tweets you’re looking for. Happy house hunting!

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