With cooler weather and approaching holidays, the fall is the perfect season to take on home projects. It’s easier to get things done, and perfect timing, as you may have guests on their way. We’ve found more than 70 fall home projects you can complete this season from fall decor DIYs to renovation projects and important maintenance tasks. Whether you’re just sprucing up your front porch of overhauling the look of your kitchen, these projects are perfectly timed for fall.

Fall Home Decor and DIYs

Fall is an especially fun time to do home decor projects. Pumpkins, leaves, and wreaths all become part of your home’s daily look. These projects will help you get your home in the fall spirit.

  1. Painted pumpkin: Who says pumpkins have to be carved? Take a paint brush to them instead for a look that will last all season long.
  2. Make cinnamon pine cones: Cinnamon pine cones make your house smell like fall and add beauty to your home. Gather pine cones, wash them, spray with cinnamon essential oil, add cinnamon sticks, and stir.
  3. Pine cone wreath: This pine cone wreath is beautiful for fall and practically free. And if you use cinnamon pine cones, it will greet you with a fall flavored scent every time you come home.
  4. Chalkboard pumpkin: Paint a pumpkin with chalkboard paint, and you’ll have a canvas for fall messages or menus.
  5. Tissue paper pumpkins: Paint pumpkins with tissue paper for a colorful fall decor accent.
  6. Burlap fall wreath: This fall wreath looks great and takes little more than a wreath form, burlap, buttons, and glue.
  7. Wood slice napkin rings: Bring a rustic fall look to your harvest table with these wood slice napkin rings. Simply cut holes into branch slices, remove excess bark, and slide them onto napkins. It’s also a good idea to freeze or bake the rings before using them to eliminate bugs.
  8. White pumpkins and pine cones: This arrangement is neutral in color but still plenty festive for fall. It combines a vase, candlestick base, painted pumpkins, and pine cones.
  9. Sweater covered pillows: These cozy pillows are cheap and easy to make and will look great from fall through the winter.
  10. Popcorn kernel wreath: Using burlap, mod podge, and grocery store popcorn, you can make this fall themed popcorn wreath.
  11. Fall berry wreath: Combine floral branches and burlap on a vine wreath for a beautiful fall wreath that costs just a fraction of what you’d pay retail.
  12. Autumn branch centerpiece: Drill holes into a tree branch for a natural tea light candle holder. Then surround it with fall leaves, pumpkins, and gourds for a full table centerpiece.
  13. Autumn leaf mason jar candle holder: Decorate a mason jar with fall leaves and raffia for a nice fall candle holder.
  14. Hanging fall wreath chandelier: Turn a fall wreath on its side to create a chandelier complete with votive candles and fall colored leaves.
  15. Harvest front porch tub: Fill a galvanized tub with with hay, pumpkins, floral branches, and even a crow for a fall look that works throughout the entire season.
  16. Fall felt leaf wreath: Combine lots of fall colors in felt wreaths on this festive wreath for your front door.
  17. Fall hurricane vase with dried beans: Fill a hurricane vase with black beans, white northern beans, and red lentils for a candy corn look. Or add corn kernels, small red beans, and green split peas for a pop of fall color.
  18. Rustic fall mason jars: Paint mason jars with acrylic paint in a fall theme. Then, use them as candle holders or vases all season long.
  19. Fresh apple candle holders: Use a real apple to hold tea lights or votive candles this fall.
  20. Fabric pumpkin wreath: Create this wreath out of fabric for a cute pumpkin look you can bring out again year after year.
  21. Rustic wood pumpkins: Create wood pumpkin planters out of fence pickets and 1×2 planks. These make a versatile display you can use for fall flowers or even pumpkin arrangements.
  22. Fall apple banner: Cut burlap into a banner and use apples as a stamp to create this fall apple banner. This is a fun project for kids to participate in.
  23. Tile leaf coasters: Mod podge beautiful fall leaves to basic white bathroom tiles to create easy, beautiful seasonal tiles. You can add felt with craft glue to the bottom if you’d like as well.
  24. Harvest barn wood sign: Find a big piece of barn wood and paint it to create this festive harvest sign.
  25. Make a tree with fall leaves: Bring the outdoors inside by collecting leaves and creating a small fall leaf tree display.
  26. Grateful, thankful, blessed sign: Get ready for Thanksgiving and celebrate the fall season with this wooden script sign.
  27. Painted acorns: Combine lots of fall colors together on these small painted acorns. Just don’t forget to freeze or bake your acorns before painting them to kill off any bugs that might be living inside.
  28. Gilded apple table decor: Step up your table decor with painted styrofoam apples. These apples are lightly sprayed for a gilded look.
  29. Autumn leaf bowl: Use craft store leaf garland to create this delicate fall leaf bowl.
  30. Autumn gold thumb tack wreath: Add the colors of fall to your front door with this easy to make a wreath that combines ribbon and metal.
  31. Canning jar lid pumpkin with cinnamon sticks: You’ve probably seen canning jar lid pumpkins, but this project takes things to the next level with printed book strips and cinnamon sticks inside.
  32. Butternut squash vase: Turn butternut squash into decorative containers. Simply hollow them out and add a small vial to hold water.
  33. Cinnamon stick candles: Place whole cinnamon sticks around a candle with rubber band and twine for a cute fall table topper.
  34. Fill apothecary jars with fall items: Add fall berries, small decorative pumpkins, and pine cones to apothecary jars to transition to fall.
  35. Glittered pumpkins: Paint pumpkins and add some sparkle with colored glitter for fall sparkle.
  36. Candy corn wreath: If candy corn is your favorite sugary treat for fall, this wreath is for you. It combines the distinct colors of candy corn together to celebrate the season.
  37. Yarn wrapped pumpkins and gourds: Add a cozy look to pumpkins by wrapping yarn around mini plastic pumpkins and gourds.
  38. Fall leaf book page banner: String together a banner made of book pages and dried leaves for a festive fall look.
  39. Fall felt leaves garland: Create a fall garland you can enjoy every year with cut felt and yarn.
  40. Build a mudroom bench: Create a place for backpacks, winter boots, jackets, and other items to land as you walk in the door.
  41. Update window coverings: Even if you’re not ready to update windows, you can update coverings, adding thick curtains or drapes that will help block out cold wintery drafts.
  42. Bring in fall colored pillows and blankets: Swap out pillows and blankets for orange, brown, and gold colored ones.

Fall Home Renovations

Replacing windows, painting, and other updates for your home are all great ideas for the fall. Take care of them now and enjoy a fresh new look this winter!

  1. Upgrade to double paned windows: If your windows are single pane or otherwise out of date, it’s a good idea to install new ones. Single pane windows can leak air and let in the heat or cold, making your HVAC system work harder and increasing your utility bill. With double paned windows, you’ll enjoy energy efficient utility savings and appeal for future home buyers.
  2. Paint rooms indoors: Fall weather is good for painting inside, as the air is cool enough not to interfere with proper paint drying, but not so cold that it makes it impossible to open a window for ventilation.
  3. Create a walkway: Lay down a brick or concrete walkway for a safer path to your home or in your backyard. Add pathway lights for better curb appear and visibility.
  4. Update your fireplace: You’ll probably give your fireplace a workout this winter. Why not make it look good while you’re using it? Replace a hearth or surround with stone slabs or new tiles for an update, or even add attractive glass fireplace doors for safety.
  5. Install new flooring: For some flooring adhesives, the ideal temperature is between 75 and 80 degrees. Install when it’s too hot or too cold, and the glue may not adhere properly. The fall is a good time to update floor with new wood, carpet, or tile.
  6. Add a bird feeder: Enjoy watching the birds this fall with a bird feeder. Be sure to add a bird feeder near a window so that you can see them.
  7. Add a fire pit: Enjoy cool nights wrapped up in front of the fire pit in your backyard. Use stone to create your own fireplace in the ground, or simply buy a fire pit to place in your backyard.
  8. Update kitchen cabinet pulls and hardware: As friends, family, and visitors spend more time in the kitchen over the holidays, you’ll want your kitchen to look its best. Perform a quick update with new cabinet pulls and a faucet for the kitchen sink. Consider updating lighting as well.
  9. Paint your front door: Give your entire home a new fresh look with an update on exterior door paint. You’ll have a great new canvas to hang fall wreaths on.
  10. Install a solar roof vent fan: With a solar roof vent fan, you’ll be able to draw in cold outside air and exhaust warm air built up under the roof, avoiding refrozen snow that turns into damaging ice on your roof. A solar roof vent fan can potentially save you thousands in roof framing, ceilings, and walls. This will also help you in the summer, keeping your attic cool.

Fall Home Maintenance

Fall home maintenance is important, especially if winter means freezing temperatures where you live. But wherever you are, it’s a good idea to take care of tasks like inspecting your roof, servicing your heating system, and preparing your home’s exterior and yard for winter.

  1. Clean and inspect gutters: Prepare your gutters to take on the ice of winter with a good cleaning and inspection. Clear them with a rake or hose and look for signs of damage that should be fixed before the winter. Jammed gutters will be susceptible to ice dams that can damage your roof.
  2. Inspect your roof: Summer heat, rain, and hail storms take their toll on roofs, so it’s worth a look to make sure you aren’t dealing with any issues. You’ll need to take care of any damage before winter weather approaches.
  3. Pressure wash your home’s exterior: Clean brick, siding, driveway, walkway, patios, and more with a pressure washer. You can even pressure wash patio furniture on a gentle setting before storing them for the winter.
  4. Touch up siding paint: Protect your siding for the winter by touching up any trouble spots you may have on vinyl or wood siding.
  5. Service and inspect your heating system: Make sure you’re ready for the winter with an inspection of your heater and water heater. Hire a professional to perform routine maintenance and identify any problems you may have. Clean and replace filters in your heating system.
  6. Remove vines from home facades: Vines can keep winter moisture against outdoor walls, which can lead to rot. Fall is a good time to pull vines off, cutting them at the base and digging out roots.
  7. Clean and inspect your fireplace: Prevent dangerous situations and make your fireplace ready for the winter with a cleaning and inspection. This will identify any damage that needs to be repaired anc clean up soot and creosote in the chimney.
  8. Inspect pipes and fixtures: Aging pipes and fixtures are susceptible to rust and bursting in below freezing temperatures. Pipes with signs of wear and rust should be updated for safety before freezing temperatures hit.
  9. Winterize decking: After the outdoor days of summer are over, power wash your deck and reseal it with a stain or sealant. This will protect it from winter weather and make sure it’s ready for the spring.
  10. Seal house vents: Upgrade your home’s vents to a vent seal. Instead of letting heated air out and cold air in, a vent seal will rise to let air, lint, and moisture escape, but close back up to stop drafts when not needed.
  11. Insulate plumbing lines: Any exposed plumbing in unheated spaces should be insulated. Pipes can freeze and burst if not properly insulated. Wrapping will also save energy, as the water heater doesn’t have to work as hard to keep insulated lines warm. Look for pipes in all unheated spaces outside and under the house as well as in the attic or basement.
  12. Trim and prune in your yard: As plants and shrubs start to die off in the cooler weather, prune them back to keep up with your yard. Cut back tree limbs that may hit your home or roof during windy winter storms.
  13. Rake leaves from your yard: Fall means leaves on the ground. But you shouldn’t let them stay there, as they can cause dead grass. Rake or blow leaves off of your yard to protect your grass.
  14. Deep clean your grill: When you’re done with your grill for the season, give it a good cleaning. Remove cooking grates, clean out burnt food, grease, dirt, and more. Scrub the entire grill with a food safe cleaner and use a light coat of oil to avoid winter rust. Remember to cover the grill so it will stay clean and ready for the spring.
  15. Caulk and weather strip doors and windows: Conserve energy all winter by adding cault around doors and windows and applying weather stripping. You’ll eliminate drafts and avoid losing heat.
  16. Patch concrete cracks: Holes and small cracks can become bigger problems once ice and snow hit them. Clean out loose debris and inject a sealant to stay on top of the cracks.
  17. Clean ducts: Clean out everything in your ducts and make your heater run more efficiently. You’ll also improve your home’s air quality.
  18. Add insulation to your attic: Upgrade or add insulation in your attic to improve your home’s utility bills, keeping temperatures warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  19. Check carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms: Test detectors and alarms and put in fresh batteries. These can save your life, especially in winter when oil or gas burning appliances are used more often.


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