You have bought your first home. You are so excited about ownership, all that extra space and remodeling potential. But in the midst of all that daydreaming is when you come back to reality a bit; exactly how much will it cost to repaint that room or put in brand new windows? Well that’s where we come in to help. We’ve put together an exhaustive and all-inclusive list of everything you may want to remodel, renovate or replace during your homeownership. From carpeting to kitchen appliances to re-shingling the roof, you’ll be able to put together an estimation of what it will take to make your house a home just for you!

One should note that these estimations are for various projects, but you can easily go over budget depending on materials used and size of space. Some of the most expensive materials include:

  • Using artificial grass for the lawn
  • Using brick for a driveway
  • Replacing flooring with exotic hardwoods or stone
  • Building a walk-in closet over drop-in shelving


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